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Amgen Scholars at the University of Cambridge will agree to:

  • be resident in the designated College accommodation for the duration of the programme, including the symposium, from 10/07/2016 - 07/09/2016
  • undertake an 8 week intensive research project in one of the participating laboratories
  • if necessary, apply for the appropriate visa (with assistance from programme staff) in a timely fashion
  • assign any intellectual property that results to their supervisor in the first instance
  • participate fully in the academic life of that laboratory, attending any relevant research seminars and workshops
  • attend regular events organised through the Amgen Scholars Programme at the University of Cambridge
  • provide feedback on the Amgen Scholars Programme at Cambridge, to help us ensure we're meeting the needs of the Scholars
  • contribute to Amgen Foundation media requests
  • prepare a poster presentation on their work for the annual symposium
  • participate in the annual symposium for all European Amgen Scholars, also held in Cambridge.
  • comply with the programme's disciplinary code

Given the intensive nature of the programme, Amgen Scholars will be unable to undertake other work or study at the same time. Applications from students not planning to be present in Cambridge for the full duration of the programme will not be considered.