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Amgen Scholars Programme


Amgen Student Labwork Focus on

Applications for the Amgen Scholar Programme 2021 will be open in November 2020.

Please note that along with the application form you will need to submit the following documentation in pdf format:

  • Personal statement (a template form can be founded here)
  • Copy of your transcripts
  • CV (1 page)

Please make sure you contact your potentail supervisor before applying. Group leaders in the Schools of Biological Sciences and Clinical Medicine (and beyond) have been classified into the 14 Research Themes below. Click here to find Research Groups in your favourite subject 

Only fully completed applications will be considered for admission.


Amgen Scholars Programme

The University of Cambridge is delighted to continue to participate in the Amgen Scholars Programme and to welcome scholars from universities across Europe.

Amgen Scholars at the University of Cambridge will have the opportunity to work alongside our experienced faculty members, including some of the world's top academic scientists. They will gain hands-on laboratory experience, and actively contribute to the advancement of science. We hope that the experience of undertaking research in one of the world's foremost Universities will enthuse our Scholars about a career in scientific research.

We would like to acknowledge the support of the Amgen Foundation.